Ireland Array

Ireland Array is an array of broadband seismic stations deployed and operated across Ireland by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. The array comprises up to 20 stations running simultaneously, all equipped with Trillium 120PA seismometers and distributed across Ireland. The 20 stations were installed in 2010 – 2012. Some of the stations were moved to new locations in Ireland in the course of the operation of the array, in order to enhance the data sampling of the island or when the old deployment sites became unsuitable. Deployments of additional 10-15 stations equipped with a Guralp 40T seismometers were used in associated experiments to complement the backbone-component coverage and to target fine structure in specific target areas.

Ireland Array has been a major geophysical facility, producing abundant seismic data. It is revealing Ireland’s deep structure and evolution in unprecedented detail.

Ireland Array underpins geothermal energy research by illuminating in detail the structure of Ireland’s crust and entire lithosphere. Another target of Ireland Array hass been Ireland’s seismicity, modest but insufficiently understood at present.